Tips to Keep Your Data Private on Facebook

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According to a news article posted on Yahoo News, Facebook might hand out its users telephone numbers and addresses to third parties. This potentially includes your contact information.

No doubt, Facebook is the most used social network sites all over the world and has access to incredible amounts of personal information related to its members or users. Think about these statistic issued by Facebook as of 2nd of March, 2011.

  • Facebook has billions of active users all over the world, and this includes young and adults
  • 50 percent of active users log onto their account on any given day
  • The average member has 130 friends
  • People spend more than 700 billion minutes a month on this social networking site
  • There are more than 900 million objects which people interact with (events, groups, pages, community pages)
  • The average member makes 90 pieces of content a month
  • Users install 20 million apps a day
  • Over 250 million interact with Facebook a month on external sites
  • 10,000 new sites integrate with Facebook daily
  • Over 200 million active users access this site through cell phones
  • Over 2.5 million sites have integrated with Facebook, which includes more than 80 of the top sites in the US and half of the top international sites.
  • Over 200 million active users access Facebook through their mobile devices.

It is a given that this social networking site monitors every single one of these activities. After all, the most significant financial asset of this site is the user data which it holds. They have more information about every user than our government ever thought about gathering. They have a data mining system which allows them to slice and dice it and draw out any information they want.

Simple Suggestion to Keep Your Information on Facebook Safe

  • Check the privacy settings of your Facebook regularly. Facebook is continuously revising these, and often reset privacy settings once they update. Even if you think certain information is hidden, it might no longer be so.
  • Either leave your contact information, your address, etc., out of your profile or set them to something fake.
  • Simply because you believe something is friends only or private, don’t assume so. As mentioned, security settings changing regularly, what was private before might no longer be so. What is more, it’s hard to know what’s private and what is not, and it’s impossible to know who FB will sell your information.
  • When making a post on Facebook, always remember that what you post is, permanent. Even when you erase it, still it can be shown on affiliate websites, cached on many webservers and many others.
  • When you make use of Facebook for professional and personal purpose, consider making two separate accounts, with a different email address. Don’t add your business and professional contacts as friends on your account and don’t add your personal friends on your professional account.

These tips are directed at Facebook. However, it must apply to each site that you use like Twitter, where members have the habit of posting the whole thing without much thought.

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