Now that Facebook has successfully milked the masses of their data, broken the trust of their userbase, and created an ad-filled hellscape, the only next logical step forward is the creation of a completely centralized currency! After all, there’s no possible way that unbridled corporate greed could ever have a significant impact on the rest of the world! Besides, whose wallet would you rather line? A random person on the internet, or a multi-billionaire?

What is ZUCC?

ZUCC is an ERC20 token which can be used to do absolutely nothing, just like LIBRA! Want to buy a cup of coffee with your ZUCC? Too bad! Need to pay your bills? Better use another currency! Want to pile on to Mark Zuckerberg’s already incredibly overinflated bank account? Now we’re getting somewhere! Zuck Bucks is more valuable than LIBRA will ever be because we, the community, control it. Not Facebook!

Be brave, be bold, and buy ZUCC (because some random person on the internet says so).

NOTE: Tokenswap details from ZBUX to ZUCC to come!

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Our Mission

Zuck Bucks is a community-run protest of Facebook’s upcoming Libra project. The community of Zuck Bucks believes that cryptocurrencies should be made by the people for the people, and shouldn’t be beholden to private interests. The very structure of Facebook’s coin will undermine this basic principle of the cryptocurrency community, and we believe that those who undermine the basic freedoms that have come from the rise of cryptocurrencies should be stood up to and protested.

Facebook has shown their inability to properly manage their own platform, and we do not trust them to handle vital information relating to finances. We believe that their currency will have many of the same problems that their platform has had, and are concerned that their history of mishandling information will continue with the creation of Libra. Our goal is to educate the people as to what Facebook has done in the past in order to protect our society from what may happen if Libra successfully launches.

Here are just a few instances of egregiously mishandled situations that Facebook has played a part of throughout their history:

Failed to secure vital personal information on multiple occasions, including storing “hundreds of millions” of passwords in plaintext.

Actively tracked millions of users who have not opted-in to their services without their consent, thereby infringing on privacy rights.

Refused to comply with government inquiries, and stonewalled investigators in order to protect their image.

Actively promoted censorship and limited freedom of speech on their platform.

Actively participated in advertising fraud on their platform in the form of “click” and “like” fraud.

Failed to limit personal data exposure to malicious parties during attacks by malicious parties.

Utilized legal loopholes to take advantage of their users through Terms of Service and Privacy Policy agreements.

Played a role in the rise of suicidal behavior specifically linked to social media platforms.

Stand up for your privacy, stand up against unbridled corporate greed. Support Zuck Bucks!


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